Huber Tejarat Melal Company was established in 2001 and currently consists of fully experienced people working in the field of transportation, import and export of goods. Huber Tejarat is a company in import, export, goods transportation and goods clearance, whose head office is in Isfahan and is managed by experienced employees. Our goal is to handle the complex and extensive needs of goods transportation for all merchants, as well as small and large companies and organizations. By exploiting years of experience in various fields, we have provided the ability to provide a wide range of services related to commerce and transportation of goods, which includes transportation of goods, clearance of goods, import of goods, export of goods and business consulting. Huber Tejarat Melal company has active offices in Isfahan, Tehran, Oman and Iraq. Our main concern is to provide you with the best service with the least time and price. Huber Tejarat assures you that it will always provide its best services for the benefit of mutual business interests.

About Huber Tejarat Melal Company
About Huber Tejarat Melal Company

Huber Tejarat Melal Company provides complete trading, import, export and clearance services for you.

Providing high quality goods transportation services in compliance with international standards to merchants, companies and organizations

Expanding the activity of Iranian goods and service providers to neighboring countries and other parts of the world

About services of Huber Tejarat Melal Company
About services of Huber Tejarat Melal Company

Huber Tejarat Melal Company is ready to provide the following services to all persons, merchants, companies, government companies, organizations, factories and all different manufacturers.

  • Importing goods from Oman
  • Importing goods from Iraq
  • Importing goods from Dubai
  • Export to all neighboring countries and other parts of the world
  • goods clearance from Customs
  • Goods clearance from Imam Khomeini Airport
  • Clearance of goods from Iranian customs ports
  • Providing business consultant
  • Purchase of various goods from other countries and delivery in Iran
  • Import and export to Dubai

 Mr. Alireza Talebelm


 Mr. Naser Karami


Providing accurate and fast answers to your needs has always been the main goal of Huber Tejarat.

Please read and review the questions presented in this section carefully. Huber Tejarat Melal Company has tried to answer your most frequent questions. But if you have any doubts about our services or need more advice, you can contact our experts.

We have tried to provide you with the easiest payment methods. In this regard, our services are very extensive and we support all card-to-card payment methods, bank checks, etc.

Huber Tejarat Melal Company provides all sea, land and air transportation services.

The duration of the product import process will be different according to the type of product and your requested project. In general, this process depends on the production time, the readiness of the requested goods, the type of transportation and the order registration of customs affairs.

In the field of importing goods, Huber Tejarat Melal has a high experience in the field of importing telecommunication equipment, office equipment, construction materials, agricultural equipment and machinery, etc. In general, any product that has the possibility of registering an order and entering from the legal basis of customs is unimpeded and can be done in terms of Huber Tejarat Melal Company.

Currently, it is possible to provide commercial services in the Middle East countries widely. Especially with offices in Oman and Iraq, the import and export of goods from these countries will be provided for you with high speed and quality.